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Blade Runner
Series:Blade Runner
Date of first release:1997 11 03
Designer:David Leary
Developer company:Westwood Studios
Publisher company:Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Country of origin:United States of America
Story genres:Dystopia, Detective, Sci-fi, Thriller
Perspective:Third person (Fixed cameras)
Graphics:Partial 3D
Sound:Full sound
Location and time (in the start of the game):United States of America, 2019
Media:4 CD
Scenario information (no spoilers)

The future. Ray McCoy is a newbie in Los Angeles police regiment which is known as the “Blade Runners”. The job of this regiment is to investigate crimes perpetrated by replicants (robots which are identical to human beings). The replicants are created for jobs in other planets – they are banned in Earth due to their unpredictable behavior. Up to now there weren’t many problems with replicants – those few which somehow managed to reach earth were quickly tracked down.

But now something strange started to happen. Explotions and other attacks against the factory that builds replicants and its scientists began. In the moon replicants captured a spaceship and probably reached Earth.

McCoy’s first case is seemingly not related to these events. It is about cruel murder of animals right in animal shop – probably done by replicants. But after a longer investigation McCoy understands that there are more with this case than just that, and it is related with various criminal elements of Los Angeles society and their crimes. McCoy helps to investigate cases of his co-workers as well – but it is unclear who could he trust even in the police, as there are large sums of money and lots of interests involved.

Computer requirements
Processor: Pentium 90 MHz
RAM: 16 MB
Video card: SVGA
Disc drive: 4x
Minimal space on hard drive: 175 MB
Other interpretations:
Motion pictures:
Name of the filmAuthorDateGenre
Blade Runner1982Non-documentary film
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