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Series:N/A (standalone game)
Date of first release:1998 04 12
Designer:Michael Nicholson
Developer company:Dreamforge Intertainment Inc.
Publisher company:ASC Games
Country of origin:United States of America
Story genres:Phantasmagoric, Psychological, Horror
Perspective:Third person (Isometric)
Sound:Full sound
Location and time (in the start of the game):Unknown, Unknown
Media:3 CD
Scenario information (no spoilers)

Rain. Driving on a twisting mountain road. Strange phonecall to tell somebody about some important newly-discovered answer. Loud music. Crash. And some person's voice telling to spread legs and to stand at the wall for stealing a car. This is all what remains in memory of a man. Wearing cheap clothes he wakes up in a stinky bed in some small room, his face bandaged. He does not know neither who he is nor where he is nor why he is there. The surroundings remind some kind of medieval castle tower but modern technologies are also used. The people who are here talk strangely; it seems that some of them really are insane. The man needs to find out who he is, where he is. Each step forward raises new questions, each newly remembered moment from the past makes to think even more. But slowly everything starts to form a single meaningful system...

Information about the game itself

Critically acclaimed "Sanitarium" is quite an original adventure game both because of its topic and its realisation (the perspective is isometric as is common in strategy games but not adventures). The main character desperately seeks for answers about himself in strange, unknown and frequently spooky places. The horror here is however primarilly psychological. In the game there are many puzzles including ones with levers and sliders. But due to the pressure of the publishers it is not as hard as the developers originally intended it to be. In the game there are several places where the main character needs to fight but these action sequences are very easy.

Computer requirements
Processor: Pentium 90 MHz
RAM: 16 MB
Disc drive: 4x
Minimal space on hard drive: 30 MB
Sound system: 16 bitų
DirectX: 5