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Ragnar Tørnquist

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Ragnar Tornquist started creating interactive fiction and other computer games when he was a teenager but decided to have a career in cinemotography sphere which he studied in the United States. He completed his internship in a small company that was developing computer games. He liked this job there and after coming back to Norway he accepted a Funcom job offer. In this company he created arguably his most famous game (and one of the most critically acclaimed adventure games ever) - "The Longest Journey" (which was published in Norway in 1999 and elsewhere in 2000). He wrote the story for his game alone but sometimes confered with art director Didrik Tolefsen. Later he was the designer of another Funcom project - MMORPG "Anarchy Online". He wrote a novel "Prophet Without Honor" based on this game as well. Due to the downturn of the adventure games market the production of the sequel for "The Longest Journey" was not started at that time. After the release of the original "The Longest Journey" Ragnar Tornquist said that he had already decided upon the plot for the sequel but later he claimed otherwise. The sequel "Dreamfall", which Ragnar wrote together with Dag Scheve, was released only in 2006. It drew much criticism due to the usage of elements of other game genres. Some fans did claim that Tornquist sacrificed much of his original ideas and visions in order to make the game sell better. Still however most of the reviews were positive. After the release of Dreamfall Ragnar Tornquist was appointed to design a new MMORPG game. Still he claimed that in future he plans to return to "The Longest Journey" series which is dear to him.

Adventure games created by this author:
NameSeriesDate of first release
The Longest JourneyThe Longest Journey1999 12 03
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneyThe Longest Journey2006 04 17
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