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Martin Ganteföhr

House of Tales Entertainment
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In the university M. Gantefohr studied literature and linguistics. He liked to write, but he also liked interactivity of the plot, which is impossible in literature. During his studies he earned money by writing manuals and advertisements. It was in these times that he met a young programmer Tobias Schachte. Together they decided to create an adventure game (according to M. Gantefohr in this genre there is the most space for story). While they were creating their first game – “Mystery of the Druids” (2001) they both still had other jobs. “Mystery of the Druids” was not acclaimed by critics, it had many mistakes. But T. Schachte and M. Gantefohr learned a lot while making this game. They got experience in technical, artistic and financial spheres. Commercialy “Mystery of the Druids” did quite well, therefore a company established by T. Schachte and M. Gantefohr, known as “House of Tales”, remained in business.

“The Moment of Silence”, released in 2004, was taken well by the critics. As M . Gantefohr told, then he was able to pay full attention to creating the game as by then he already knew all the related processes. If we would compare MOS with his first game, in MOS a much bigger attention is given for plot, the psychological development of characters, and the game has a deeper meaning.

In years 2003 – 2004 M. Gantefohr created adventure games for cell phones. In that job he liked the notion that you could create a game much quicker than one for PC. However, with the development of cell phones, this advantage was lost.

In 2007 m. he designed adventure game “Overclocked: A History of Violence”, which was also critically acclaimed. In creating “Overclocked” M. Gantefohr used his experience of working in psychiatric hospital. He believes that when one is creating a story, one has to transform his own experience and thoughts in such a way that they would become more meaningful than simple biographical stories. He uses a rule “Write about that which you know”. In his games it is common that during the course of play the player has to control more than one character. Gantefohr’s stories are usually serious, gloomy and contains a certain social commentary. They frequently include major conspiracies.

Adventure games created by this author:
NameSeriesDate of first release
The Moment of SilenceN/A (standalone game)2004 10 01
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